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There are many scaffolds and podiums on the internet which allow their viewers and subscribers to comprehend the current affairs of this new epoch and era.

 But there are not sufficient and adequate platforms which allow you to discuss and debate on the serious ongoing issues and matters in the present age and this is what explains our purpose.

This allotment is titled as NEWS where we allow and grant you to discuss tidings and information which are impending and which are still in the air.

Your thoughts, your opinions are significant and noteworthy, for which we have unsealed this opportunity and ended here with this segment named as NEWS.

This platform is precisely an opportunities for the news reporters and journalists via websites which they avail by posting and blogs. The topic of the blogs and articles will be whirl around the web hosting, domain registration, servers, and webmail.


Being the possessor of the posted piece of writing in the form of blogs and posts on that platform named as NEWS:

  1. You are responsible and liable for your news posts and blogs
  2. The posts and blogs should be based on genuine news.
  3. The source of the posted news blog and posts should from authentic and reliable source.
  4. There should be a proper mention of the factual sources and references.

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